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Thursday, November 8, 2018
From Our Governor
Happy New Year All! The new year is upon us and we have many new and exciting things planned. Our membership is growing, and we are working to update the Lodge. To that end, we are working to raise money to replace the worn chairs in the social quarters. They have served us well, but their tattered appearance is not a great first impression for visitors to our Lodge Home. Anyone who would like to donate can do so by giving your contribution to the administrator, any officer, or the bartender on duty, and inform them it is for the “Chair Fund”. Our Activities Committee has been very busy and has new and exciting activities for every month coming up. Be sure to check out the calendar for this month’s events and come on down and join the fun.
I would like to wish all our members a prosperous and happy new year!

John Neblett, Governor
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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From the Administrator… December 2018

The Lodge home is quite costly to maintain and keep up. With the slow summer months behind us, we are thankfully, again paying our bills as they come in. Most folks don’t realize the overhead in running a facility like this, the insurance, sales taxes and payroll taxes are an amazingly large burden. Factor in electricity, gas for the kitchen, phone and other daily costs and the totals rise. Then there is payroll, paying entertainment, purchasing food and other items, the lists go on.

Good news is we are meeting those bills presently, but we have two distinct issues to face; one is preparing for the drop in business next summer so we are financially set to make it through those lean months. The second is the general upkeep on the Lodge home. So many things need attention, yet the funds to care for these things are non-existent. Simple repairs are difficult to afford let alone updating and replacing worn items. To face these opportunities The Officers of the Lodge have decided to appeal to our membership for donations of any size. We would like the donations to be ear-marked for a specific need, such as replacing the chairs in the Social Quarters, or just for operational and maintenance needs.

It’s true, this is the time of year where everyone is asking for your donations, but the Lodge home is ours to care for so when you are considering where you will be contributing, consider your Lodge Home.
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