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Monday, April 25, 2011
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Administrator's Message
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From the Administrator….

Well, we are partially through the summer and the Lodge is doing pretty well. Chef Jimmy is doing a wonderful job in the kitchen and our lunches and Friday night fish dinners are doing well. This Lodge is very lucky to have a chef of the caliber of Jimmy.

We have just received our report on our Moose Charities contributions for the 2014/2015 Moose Year. We have contributed $10,086.71. This total does not count the many local contributions we make to our local charities. This lodge and all the members can be very proud of themselves for what they do for Moose Charities and our community.

Members need to remember that ours is a fraternal organization. That goes for both men and women. Constant complaining, griping, fueding with other members, talking behind members backs and on and on need to be left at the door. Other members do not want to listen to this and you do yourself and them a disservice when you are doing these things. Leave your problems at the front door or stay at home. There is not a lot of this going on, however what is being said is causing problems. Stop it, or we will be taking you aside and talking plainer.

Tom Hickman, Administrator
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