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Sunday, July 7, 2013
Saturday Afternoon's
Remember, we are playing Euchre the first, third and fourth Saturdays of each month starting at 1:00 pm.

The second Saturday of each month and the first and third Tuesday of each month will see us getting together to play Bunco.

Come on out and join in on the fun!
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Administrator's Message
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From the Administrator….

I would like to take up part off my column and talk about the volunteers we have here at our lodge. These volunteers are men and women who take time out of their schedules to perform a function to help the lodge. They are not paid employees of the lodge. These members, men and women, volunteer because they want to, they know they are helping their lodge or chapter, but most of all because they want to. Please do not do anything that will stop them from wanting to volunteer. Complaints about the service, price, unreasonable requests, they all make help to make the volunteer decide to let someone else do the work, listen to the complaints or try to comply with the unreasonable requests. The problem is, no one else wants to do the work. To volunteer. The problem with that is, if we do not have the volunteers, most of the activities of our lodge will come to a halt. Our paid employees are the bartenders, janitorial service, lunch chef and front office . All others are volunteers. Treat them right. Treat them with respect. Be grateful for what they do. Make them want to continue to volunteer. Maybe even surprise them and become a volunteer yourself.

Tom Hickman, Administrator
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Senior Regent's Message
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Recorder's Message
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